有时候,你需要更多 立博手机app 比你的家所能提供的更多. 在理想的世界里, every building in Las Vegas would have an efficiently ducted central AC system that distributes cool air evenly throughout. But there are many situations where your building has insufficient cooling capabilities, 不管你是没有通风管道,还是室内空气不能有效流通. Many 房主 choose to install ductless mini-split air conditioners to individually control the temperature of each room.

你是否有一个需要维修的无管道迷你分体式系统, 或者你想安装一个新的无管道装置, Legacy Air is here to provide the high-quality service Las Vegas customers have come to know and trust.

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The Legacy Air team is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality AC services. 我们努力提供当日服务 房主,拥有net认证的技术人员和响应迅速的客户服务. Whether you’re experiencing an 立博手机app emergency or would like to schedule a service in the near future, we will work on your schedule and make sure your ductless mini-split system is in peak working order upon completion of the job.

事实上, 我们与三菱合作, the leading manufacturer of ductless mini-split systems in order to provide not just expert service, 但最高水平的微型分裂安装和维修的行业.


对于那些正在探索无管道小分裂选项的人, 我们将从概述这些交流系统到底是什么开始, 它们是如何工作的, 以及房主如何从他们的使用中获益.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners consists of three different types of components including:

  • 室外机 -就像普通的立博手机app一样, 室外机完成了大部分的冷却工作, 释放热排气并排出冷凝水. It connects to internal units via a conduit (some wires and tubing encased in tidy-looking plastic).
  • 的管道 —包含电源线, 制冷剂管按需冷却, 吸油管, 还有一个冷凝水排水管. This needs only a small hole and connects to wall-mounted ductless mini AC units mounted in individual rooms in your home.
  • 迷你立博手机app -系统名称的主要灵感来源, 这些装置可以支持几个不同的温度区域, 为安装了立博手机app的每个房间提供不同的冷量. They can be set with individual thermostats to uniquely control how hot or cold each section of the building is, and some systems come with remotes or smart-home integration for even more dynamic and convenient controls.

大多数无管道微型分体式系统可以支持多达四个冷却区, allowing you four different rooms or sections of the building to control with individual temperature settings.


For customers wondering if a ductless mini-split is the right 立博手机app system for your home, 最好的决定方法是考虑你的冷却需求. 有很多情况下,目前的管道和气流不足, 而在其他地方,分区温度控制是一个重要的特征.


  • 分区很重要的家庭和企业 – The primary benefit of the ductless mini-split system is the ability to individually control temperature zones. 你是否想让家里的育儿室比客厅暖和, 或者任何其他有有效温度区域的装置, 无管道的迷你分体式系统是一个明智的选择.
  • 没有管道系统或管道系统不足的家庭和企业 -并不是每一栋有中央立博手机app的建筑都是高效的. You may even have a home with aging window-units built into the walls instead of real ductwork. 其他建筑有管道系统, but the airflow is so sluggish and poorly designed that you hardly gain any benefit. Ductless mini-splits can enhance an insufficient ducted air system or can add convenient modern AC to older buildings without ducted central air.
  • 新建管道不实用的地方 -新房间, 自然, are not already connected to the ductwork and it may be impractical to extend the ducts into the new room to keep it cool. Whether you are adding rooms onto your home or renovating an apartment over the garage, a ductless mini-split system can save you some serious hassle by providing AC to areas where running ducts just isn’t an option.

Whether you are compensating for a lack of satisfactory AC or your goal is to provide individually controlled temperature zones, ductless mini-splits are a great solution and they are much less demanding to install than a fully ducted system.


Installing a ductless mini-split system involves much less work and cutting than installing a conventional ducted system, and you don’t need any dedicated wall or ceiling space to provide great on-demand cooling. 安装你的迷你分体式系统, we will need a place for the outdoor condenser unit and designated locations in each room to place the mini units and to run the conduit lines.

Placing the conduits will be the most involved part because it requires drilling small holes in the wall and running a thick bundle of cables and tubing through the interior of your walls. 然而, 一旦我们完成任务, you will have a smoothly running zoned AC system that can be individually controlled, 一个房间接一个房间.

安装完成后, what you will see is a tidy wall unit that provides a steady supply of cool air to any room in your home.


自20世纪70年代以来,无管道微型分体式系统一直存在, so we’re not surprised when we see a home or business that has already installed a system to make up for insufficient ductwork or to provide a more finely tuned control over building temperature zones. 但就像任何其他的立博手机app系统一样,你的无管道迷你分体式系统也会发生故障. 如果您发现一台或多台迷你立博手机app有问题,我们可以提供帮助.


  • 吹暖风
  • 发出嘎嘎声
  • 不能正常启动或工作

我们的专业交流技术人员可以对单个单元和整个系统进行工作, ensuring that your conveniently zoned AC system is back in complete working order in the shortest possible time.

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Whether you’re seeking a new ductless mini-split installation or need repairs on an existing system, our Las Vegas HVAC company is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of workmanship and customer relationships. 我们保持立博手机app规模小, 响应, 训练有素, 所以我们每次都能提供优质的服务. We also keep in touch with clients to make sure their ACs are performing satisfactorily all year long.

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